Stump Removal

Although a tree stump may look harmless, it is highly recommended to remove it immediately as it can pose a safety hazard on your property.

A lot of times people are focused on removing the tree and don’t give consideration to The importance of removing the stump. There’s a ton of Pinterest ideas on how to decorate and dress up your tree stump but those photos don’t show what’s going on behind the scenes and the dangers of keeping the stump around. Not only are they an eyesore to the landscape design but it also can create other issues for the health of your property. 

Here are some of the reasons you should always have the stump removed while you remove your tree. Belleville Tree Care will offer this service along with the tree removal and the end result is a clean area with piece of mind that your area is ready to thrive without concern.

The main reason to remove stumps in the tree is because it can invite unwanted guests to your property. Termites, carpenter ants, and bees are just a few of the pests who love to make homes in old stumps. Once you have removed the tree, the stump has no way of defending itself against these invaders and they can set up their new home in your stump and most of the time you will not even know that they are there. As soon as these insects have set up shop in your yard it won’t take long until they move towards your home, and once they’re at your home, soon enough you may have bigger problems. You often can’t use chemicals on young trees, so they tend to die off when they are infected by disease

Another reason to remove old stumps is they can impede the growth of new trees or spread disease to other trees. If you have a small yard, the stumps root system can cause stunted growth by leaving limited space for the new tree to grow out. A stump can begin to grow again and with this, stumps can help spread disease throughout the root system killing off younger trees or by stealing nutrients needed for new growth. 

Finally, tree stumps can also be a safety hazard if left on your property. They can provide tripping hazards to children playing in the yards, and since they are solid wood a person tumbling onto one can be seriously hurt. Anytime you are attempting to do any sort of yard work you will have to deal with the stump, taking care to avoid it when you’re mowing your lawn or pulling weeds in your yard. If a lawnmower makes contact with a tree stump, then there is a possibility of doing severe damage to the machinery, creating another possible safety hazard to yourself and anyone else working in your yard.

Stump grinding is a great solution to fix these issues that old stumps can create and Belleville Tree Care is ready to remove any and all unwanted stump’s from you property.