Tree Pruning

When we talk about trimming trees or shrubs a lot of the time we think of an easy task of just sawing off some limbs. But there’s a lot more to it. Trees require regular maintenance to ensure the full longevity of their life. Pruning, cutting, or trimming trees will help protect them over time to confirm that they are growing healthy and in the right patterns. Belleville Tree Care can help you maintain happy and healthy trees and shrubs.

It’s important you assess trees on your property and look for signs of distress. Correctly trimming trees can promote growth and increase fruit production, add aesthetics to your property and promote tree health and reduce safety risks from disease or rotting branches.

Along with tree trimming comes when to cut and how to cut which can be just as detrimental to your tree’s health as not trimming at all. Aged, disease or trees with many crossing branches should be thinned out to allow more sunlight to each center branch and in shrubs, a light pruning can promote full and Bush here plants. 

Predominantly in Ontario late fall and winter are the most opportune times to trim your trees if they are all in a dormant state. Summer flowering plants (like Junipers & Cypress can be trimmed in early spring however spring flowering plants should never be pruned in early spring. Removing their buds can prevent your plants from blooming in the spring such as lilacs and rhododendron.

If you have trees intersecting with one another 4 with power lines or the camping clip from the ground it’s encouraged that you contact a professional to trim your trees and offer assessment to ensure nothing is overlooked in the health of all your trees and shrubs.

Contact us today to consult with our arborists that will offer a plan to suit your trees needs.