Tree Removal

When it comes to removing trees on your property there are a few things you need to know inside city limits. Different jurisdictions have different requirements when it comes to removing trees and not following these by-laws could end up in heavy fines. In fact, a lot of the trees within the city’s limits are considered community property for a number of reasons such as  providing a habitat for wildlife, providing clean air and reducing greenhouse effects. The city of Belleville adopted their Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy and has a well laid out plan for the preservation of urban tree lines in our city. You can read more here

Although we at Belleville Tree Care are committed to the longevity and preservation of trees, there are situations when a tree must be removed. Trees may be required to be removed. When they are dead, diseased, damaged beyond repair or deemed to be hazardous.

In Belleville a permit is not required to remove a tree within the urban setting, however there are some expectations you are to follow before removing trees on your property

Call for Underground Locates – Over time roots can wrap around utility lines and when removing the tree could cause damage. It is good to know if utilities are running under the tree you are removing to avoid any costly damage. The city recommends that you call for a free, no charge utilities location at 1-800-400-2255.

Overhead Utility Checks – Just as important as underground, overhead obstructions are very hazardous and as a home owner it is up to you to ensure you don’t damage utilities or put neighbors or your family in danger. A lot of times trees and other vegetation can pose a threat to your safety or the electrical system. If you see hazardous vegetation around electricity lines, request a tree trimming to help manage the issue safely and ensure it doesn’t cause any power disruptions or harm. If there is an immediate threat to your safety you can call Hydro One at  1-800-434-1235 or you can request a tree trimming service for limbs in close proximity to overhead power lines here.

Road Allowances – The city of Belleville should be notified if the tree you are removing is on or encroaches within the road allowances. A permit will be required if the tree removal will be occupying the roadway.

Using a Certified Arborist – The City highly recommends using qualified arborists like Belleville Tree Care to perform any tree service you may need. A lot of this work is heavy and requires specialty tools and skills you can only get through a skilled tree surgeon. Call Belleville Tree Care today for a free quote!